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In the week of National Read a Book Day (6th September for future reference) it got me to thinking about all the authors and writing competition winners that I’ve photographed over the years.

The competition winners have been inspiring and no doubt they will be ones to watch out for in the future.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet 3 authors of books that I have read. They were all lovely, which was nice. As if they hadn’t been it probably would have dampened my enjoyment of their books.

The first one was Jacqueline Wilson she came to a school in Halesowen and the children were in complete awe of her, as was I, not least because of her fabulous rings and jewellery. I’ve never met a person that wears that many rings. It must take ages to get ready. My daughter loves her books and I was annoyed with myself for not asking for an autograph. Big regret.

The second one was Katie Fforde, she was at a book festival in Bewdley. She was on a panel answering questions and there was tea and cake involved a perfect afternoon. This time I did pluck up the courage to ask for an autograph.

The third one was Miranda Dickinson, I had fallen in love with her debut novel Fairytale of New York, she’s every bit as nice as you would hope her to be. During the pandemic she set up a weekly facebook live event, Fab Night in Chatty thing, where she reads exerts from her books and champions other authors with her books of the week. It feels like a community and everyone is very friendly. The big topic of conversation is always what people are eating and drinking whilst enjoying the show.

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