A close shave at the salon

As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm despairing of my hair. Like many people, it is in dire need of a cut, which makes me think of a time when I had a photography job at a local hairdressers and beauty salon.

I was running late, having been stuck at a press conference, which never seemed to run on time. So I arrived at the hairdressers, looking a little hot and bothered, as I was aware these pictures were for that day's deadline.

The very pretty lady on the front counter gave me a very slow look up and down as she warily asked if I had an appointment. I guess I didn't fit the profile of their regular clientele.

I told her yes, I was here to take the picture of her manager and team with their award. At which point I noticed a small group of ladies bustling and adjusting make up in a mirror. They all turned at once, at the mention of the newspaper.

The manager came over and said, I think there has been some mistake, we usually have a male photographer, can you ask them to send him instead. I laughed a little before realising she was being serious. So I said no, it's me or nothing. She seemed to weigh up her options before agreeing to let me take the picture.

So I arranged them with the award and just at the last minute I moved the camera slightly down and chopped off their heads. I thought about leaving it there, uploading it with a witty caption A Cut Above but I didn't think the editor would go for that.

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