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How I lost my head in school...

Learning lessons no matter what age you are

As a press photographer, you deal with schools on a regular basis. The day I lost my head started like any other school visit, I signed in and was given a lanyard visitor badge. The teacher came to collect me to take pictures of students with the magician from a touring show. The show was supposed to have ended, however he was on the last trick. So the teacher suggested I sit in at the back and wait.

The entertainer asked for a volunteer there was lots of noise from the kids but he clearly wanted a teacher. He walked up the aisle towards where I was sitting, I took no notice, as I wasn’t expecting him to stop at me. He turned to the audience and said “I’ve found my volunteer”, lots of cheering followed, the more I protested the more the cheers came, so reluctantly I walked on to the stage. The audience had no idea who I was but they seemed happy about embarrassment, as I knelt down at the guillotine So that’s how I found myself losing my head in school.

My lesson learned don't wait inside the hall when a show is going on.

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