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Does Jesus eat Easter Eggs?

This was one of the questions put to me by a group of reception children, at one of the various schools I used to go to take photos of Easter Bonnet parades and other Easter themed events. Quite why they thought I had all the answers I don't know, primary school children can sometimes surprise you with thought provoking questions. Thankfully the teacher rescued me, from having to answer. What would have been the correct answer anyway?

As I said I've taken a lot of bonnet parades and egg hunt photos but the Easter pictures that effected me the most were the ones I took for The Bewdley Passion in 2013. It was the first time they had staged this live production, they shut roads and had actors and musicians. The actor Jared Thomas played Jesus, complete with a wooden cross, walking through the crowds. I was amazed at the reactions of the people around me, as the story was told, moving to different locations, before coming to a halt outside the church for the crucifixion scene. Despite the amount of people there was not a sound, as the actor spoke. I took my photos before it, so as not to incur the wrath of those around me.

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